Yasamin Bide, Marzieh Arab Fashapoyeh & Soheila Shokrollahzadeh
Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 17068 (2021)
Forward osmosis (FO) process has been extensively considered as a potential technology that could minimize the problems of traditional water desalination processes. Finding an appropriate osmotic agent is an important concern in the FO process. For the first time, a nonionic surfactant-based draw solution was introduced using self-assemblies of Tween 80 and choline chloride. The addition of choline chloride to Tween 80 led to micelles formation with an average diameter of 11.03 nm. The 1H NMR spectra exhibited that all groups of Tween 80 were interacted with choline chloride by hydrogen bond and Van der Waals’ force. The influence of adding choline chloride to Tween 80 and the micellization on its osmotic activity was investigated. Despite the less activity of single components, the average water flux of 14.29 L m‒2 h‒1 was obtained using 0.15 M of Tween 80-choline chloride self-assembly as draw solution in the FO process with DI water feed solution. Moreover, various concentrations of NaCl aqueous solutions were examined as feed solution. This report proposed a possible preparation of nonionic surfactant-based draw solutions using choline chloride additive with enhanced osmotic activities that can establish an innovative field of study in water desalination by the FO process.

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