Mohammad Reza Nabid ,Yasamin Bide , and Nazanin Fereidouni
Chemistry Letters, Vol.47, No.8
The layered metal dichalcogenides, especially molybdenum disulfide nanosheets, as novel two-dimensional materials have attracted the attention of many researchers. The catalytic applicability of MoS2 is however, limited by its low electrical conductivity. We report the preparation of MoS2 nanosheets on nitrogen-doped graphene (MoS2/NG) by a single step hydrothermal route, which can enhance their physicochemical properties and electrical conductivity. According to spectroscopic and microscopic characterizations, nitrogen doped graphene with 3D crumpled network structure was successfully decorated with MoS2 nanosheets to obtain the desired hybrid material. Due to their high activity for catalytic reduction reactions, we immobilized gold nanoparticles on the as synthesized support. The catalytic reduction of several nitroarenes was evaluated in the presence of NaBH4 and the results proved high activity of the presented catalyst. The turnover frequency of AuNPs@MoS2/NG was found to be 1976 h−1 for 4-nitrophenol reduction which was higher than most of previously reported values even at relatively low concentration of catalyst and NaBH4.

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