Reza Rashidi, Mehdi Malekan, Reza Gholamipour
Microstructure and mechanical properties of a Cu-Zr based bulk metallic glass containing atomic scale chemical heterogeneities , Materials Science & Engineering A, 729 (2018) 433–438
In this research, Tin was alloyed to the Cu47Zr47Al6 bulk metallic glass to induce chemical heterogeneities formation and study its effect on the mechanical and thermal properties. The large difference in enthalpy of mixing of Sn-Zr (−43kJ/mol) and Sn-Cu (+7kJ/mol) causes chemical heterogeneities. Microstructural examination showed composition fluctuations including Cu-rich and Zr-rich zones in (Cu47Zr47Al6)99 Sn1 alloy, improves ductility and fracture strength by 72.15% and 26.37%, respectively. Correlation between microstructure and mechanical properties was investigated through work hardening behavior, serration density and fractography of compression samples. Chemical heterogeneities lead to increase in shear bands, consequently enhance ductility and work hardening rate.

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