R Gholamipour, A Beitollahi, VK Marghusian, T Ohkubo, K Hono
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

The effects of Ge and Ga additions on the microstructure and coercivity of melt-spun ribbons of Nd13.5 Fe(74.9−z) Co5.5 M z B6 (z=0.0 to 0.54; M=Ge, Ga) alloys have been investigated. For the first time, a detailed microstructural study of nanometer-sized Nd-rich grain boundary phase enriched with small amounts of Ga and Ge was carried out using a three-dimensional atom probe (3DAP) technique. Ga partitions to thin uniform Nd-rich grain boundary phase, causing effective isolation of Nd2Fe14B grains. As a result, the coercivity increased. On the other hand, Ge caused the formation of Ge- and Nd-rich precipitates, resulting in the formation of dispersoids along the grain boundaries. Due to the poor isolation of the Nd2Fe14B grains, the coercivity decreased.

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