Nima Khademian, Reza Gholamipour, Farzad Shahri, Morteza Tamizifar
Journal of alloys and compounds

Effect of vanadium on the thermal and mechanical properties of the Zr65Cu17.5Ni10Al7.5 bulk metallic glass has been studied. The vanadium substitution for zirconium in the bulk metallic glass leads to the decrease of the glass forming ability in constant cooling rate; as well as co-precipitation of Zr2Ni and Zr2Cu crystalline phases in amorphous matrix. The size of the crystallites are about 20–50 nm in amorphous matrix and they act as a barrier against of rapid propagation of shear bands. In fact, the nanocrystalline phases in amorphous matrix cause the increase of the strain and the quasi-static compression strength about 58% and 20%, respectively.

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