A Keyvanara, R Gholamipour, Sh Mirdamadi, F Shahri, T Salavati-Fard, A Abdolhoseini
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials

Melt-spun ribbons of Co64Fe4Ni2B19−xSi8Cr3Alx (x=0, 1 and 2) alloy at wheel speed of 25 m/s and Co64Fe4Ni2B19−xSi8Cr3Al1 alloy at different wheel speeds (25, 30, 35 and 40 m/s) have been prepared and investigated for structural and magnetic properties and magnetoimpedance effect. Based on the results obtained, it was shown that replacement of B by Al can improve the magnetoimpedance ratio (MIR) and the highest value of MIR (191%) was observed for the sample with XAl=1 at wheel speed of 25 m/s. Further, it was seen that the higher quenching wheel speed gives rise to a higher coercivity and lower magnetic permeability/MIR value.

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