Tabatabaei Yazdi M., Zarrini G., Mohit E., Faramarzi M. A., Setayesh N., Sedighi N., Azizmohseni F.
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 22: 330-335.

One hundred and sixty-five strains of microorganisms with the ability to grow in a medium containing uric acid as a major source of nitrogen were isolated from soil samples during a screening program. Among them, a zygomycete fungus with well-developed columellae was recognized to produce high levels of the enzyme in a short time. Classification of the isolated fungus was carried out according to the morphological and culture characteristics of the organism, and it was identified as Mucor hiemalis. The fungus was able to produce an intracellular urate oxidase in a fermentation medium mainly containing uric acid. Optimized composition of the medium consisted of (l−1 of distilled water) uric acid, 7.0 g; maltose, 6.0 g; Vogel stock solution, 20 and 1 ml of 0.5 M copper sulphate. The optimum pH and temperature for uricase production in the optimized medium were pH 6 and 30 °C, respectively.

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