Jafari, M., Tavili, A., Zargham, N., Heshmati, Gh. A., Zare Chahouki, M. A., Shirzadian, S., Azarnivand, H., Zehtabian, Gh. R. & Sohrabi, M.
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 3)5(: 273-277

The current research was carried out to study effects of biological soil crusts (lichens and mosses) on some soil attributes. The study was carried out in rangelands of Alagol region, in north of Golestan province, Northern Iran. Survey area is located near Iran-Turkmenistan border. In this research, soil samples were taken from two crusted and adjacent uncrusted areas, at one site along 4 transects. Environmental factors, soil texture and vascular plants vegetation of two areas were similar, but due to livestock repeated trampling and wind and water erosion over the last years, there were not lichens and mosses in non-crusted points. Soil sampling was done along each of two transverse 300m transects. Laboratory analyses were done on soil samples from the upper soil layer (0-5 cm). Soil properties included organic C, K, Na, N, and P. Using t-test, above mentioned properties were compared in crusted and uncrusted soils. Results showed that P, N, and organic C were significantly different at depth 0-5 cm

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