The department of chemical technologies was established in 1984, currently covering various fields of research and innovation. The vast resources of minerals, natural gas, crude oil and agricultural products in Iran boosted the expansion of research projects in the department. Highly experienced scientists, technicians and administrative staff; as well as, numerous laboratory and pilot facilities support the ever-continuing progress of institute in semi- commercialized and patentable studies. 
The department of chemical technologies as a prestigious and highly reputed center has trained the by-research PhD and MSc students specializing in applied chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, nanochemistry, chemical engineering and food science and technology sectors.
In order to ensure user involvement right from inception to various stages of development, the department undertakes contract research through the IROST administration e.g. sponsored, collaborative and grant-in-aid projects from industry, public sector undertaking, government agencies and institution. Consultancy services in the area of expertise of the laboratory and technical services comprising of testing and analysis, training, assistance of advisory nature etc. are also extended.
The department of chemical technologies has active linkages through IROST with the many national research and technology centers, universities and institutions; and also international organizations such as APCTT, IDB, COMSTECH, COMSATS, ISESCO, WIPO, IFIA, UNDP and UNESCO.
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Department of Chemical Technologies
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