Synthetic Pharmaceuticals

  • Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates (e.g. Ferrous fumarate, Metformine hydrochloride, Salicylic acid, Sodium valproate, Ticlopidine hydrochloride, Minoxidil, Trazocin, Topiramate ...)

Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Processing

  • Extraction and purification of natural products from plants and herbals (Silymarin, Glycyrrhizic acid, Rutin, Visnadin etc.) in lab and pilot palnt scales
  • Preparation of plant extracts by using advanced technologies such as counter-current extraction (CCE), superheated solvent extraction (SHE) and cryogenic grinding (CG)

Natural Gas and Petrochemicals

  • Synthesis of organic substances from gas or oil derived products (Synthesis Gas, Polyethylene glycol mono-alkyl ether, Ethylenediamine, Dimethyl ether, Butyl chloride ...)
  • Biotechnology applications in natural gas industry


  • Carbon nanotubes, Nanoparticles, Nanosilica
  • Nanocomposites and Nanometals


  • Synthesis of inorganic compounds from local mines and raw materials (Aluminum fluoride, Alumina, Barium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate ...)

Design, modeling, simulation and reaction engineering of chemical processes

  • Multipurpose pilot design, e.g. solid-liquid leaching
  • Clean Fuels Processing
  • Catalytic Reactions Engineering
  • Optimization of DME Process Catalyst

Food Technology

  • Dairy Technology
  • Whey products (alpha-Lactose monohydrate, Glucose–Galactose syrup)
  • Feta cheese
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Food additives (Gelatin, Sodium diacetate etc.)
  • Edible films in food packaging

Environmental Technologies

  • Wastewater treatment (Abadan Petrochemical Complex, Polyacryl Company Unit …)
  • Wood-Plastic Composites from Wastes
  • Desalination Technologies

Thin Layer and Solar Cells

  • Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells fabrication
  • Spin-Coating Technology

Fuel cell and Hydrogen

  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell test station (300 W up to 10 kW)
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Materials
  • Hydrogen Storage Technologies
  • Catalysts for Hydrogen Production