A. Eliassi, SH Mahmoudi Najafi

Petroleum Research, 28, 99, July and August, 37-45.


In the present work, the obtained results are presented for aromatic hydrocarbons producing by gamma alumina and H-Beta zeolite as catalysts. Gamma alumina is placed at the entrance zone of a Vertical fixed bed reactor with up to down flow stream in order to convert methanol to dimethyl ether, and H-beta zeolite is loaded at follows for converting dimethyl ether to aromatic hydrocarbons. Both catalysts have sizes between 1 and 2 millimeter and the same weight ratio. The weight of each catalysts in the reactor is 2 grams. Silica to alumina ratio and specific surface area of H-beta are 7.9 and 500 m2/g respectively. Also, the specific surface area of the used gamma alumina is 192 m2/g. Experiments were done at 250 up to 370 oC. The desired space velocity (WHSV) for H-Beta at 370 oC was 7.11h-1. According to Gc-Mass analysis on the reactor products, the main component at the above mentioned conditions was Hexa-methyl Benzene. Formation of this component was satisfied by IR-spectroscopy and C-NMR and H-NMR analysis. Addition to hexa-methyl benzene, the analysis confirmed that some other components such as tri ethyl benzene, ethyl penta-methyl benzene and dimethy ethyl benzene were formed by the reaction. 

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