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IROST's reference laboratories offer technology companies a wide range of testing services by delivering accurate and reliable results for their testing needs in accordance with international standards. These  laboratories  include the following:

  • The Medical Equipment Testing Laboratory
  • The Heating Systems Research and Testing Laboratory
  • The Airconditioning and Ventilating Systems Research and Testing Laboratory
  • The Centrifugal Pump Laboratory
  • Battery Testing and Research Laboratory
  • Intelligent Transport System  Laboratory
  • Photovoltaic Cells Testing Laboratory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The National Internship System at has been established by IROST to facilitate and speed up the internship process of graduate and postgraduate students interested in gaining work experience in particular industries in the country. This internship system assists universities in managing all internship activities, such as determining the place of internship according to the students' requirements, selecting the supervisor, collecting reports, evaluating internship results, monitoring the internship process, and providing online services with full-time support. This system has been well received by universities and other related sectors in the country so far and it has been the platform for the internship activities of about 2000 universities and higher education institutes.  The use of computerized data can help improve the management and planning of internships at the national level.


The Museum of Iranian Lichens was established at IROST in 2016 to record the flora and a national atlas of Iranian lichens, support research in the field of lichenology in the country, and develop the applied science of lichens in soil preservation, biodegradation of Iranian monuments, bioactive materials, and air pollution monitoring. The museum offers lichenological consultant services as well as holding workshops and educational tours. It also hosts a herbarium registered in the list of world herbariums under the name of Iranian Cryptogamic Herbarium (ICH).  ICH is a collection of lichenized, lichenicolous, and wood-inhabiting macrofungi with particular reference to Iran. The collection is a fundamental research resource for academics, researchers, and students to study biological systematics and classification, diversity and conservation, biological monitoring, and climate change.


The Intellectual Property and Commercialization Office at IROST has led the development and management of the National  Patent and Innovation System to enable invention, innovation, and creativity for the benefit of all. The patent applications and the commercialization potential of the granted patents are evaluated through this system. So inventors, innovators, or companies that want to protect their technology in the local markets can seek patent protection for their new technologies by submitting their applications to the patent system. This creates opportunities for inventors to sell, trade, or license their patented technologies with others who may want to use themBeing the only one of its kind in the country for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, the National Patent and Innovation System plays a significant role in making the process of obtaining patent protection easier and less costly.



Scientific Achievements

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IROST consists of seven research departments which represent the backbone of its scientific activities. The breadth of research across IROST’s departments is fueled by over 250 qualified researchers and experts who are developing innovative, research-driven solutions to critically important national and international challenges.


IROST is committed to supporting researchers, innovators and technologists to turn their innovative ideas into products by providing a wide range of technical services at different stages of their scientific activities.

IROST organizes the Khwarizmi International Award (KIA) annually to acknowledge the efforts made by researchers, innovators and inventors from across the globe and to appreciate their outstanding research work and contributions to different fields of science and technology. The laureates of the KIA are selected from among the internationally distinguished scientists and researchers contributing to the advancement of science and technology.


IROST publishes four scientific journals in English, namely, the Journals of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Advances in Environmental Technology, Particle Science and Technology, and Advanced Research in Microbial Metabolites and Technology. Also, two journals of Technology Development Management and New Food Technologies are published by IROST in Persian. The Journal of Advances in Environmental Advances is indexed on the Scopus international database.

IROST’s Technology Incubator is home to over 120 technology-based startup companies. The objective of the Incubator is to support startups for technology development, entrepreneurship, and business growth. Established in 2004, the Incubator supports the growth and development of selected high-potential startups through offering office space, related equipment, connections and consulting, technical and mentoring services.


Persian Type Culture Collection (PTCC) was established as a subset of Biotechnology Department at IROST in 1988. PTCC is a nonprofit biological resource center whose mission is to provide and preserve the authenticated microorganisms for research in the area of biotechnology and life sciences. This center is a member of World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) and the UNESCO Microbial Resources Centers Network (MIRCEN).

Calls for participation in Khwarizmi International Award (KIA)