Governance and Innovation Management
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The fast evolution changes in the contemporary period are one of the inseparable factors in today's societies and organizations. The need of organizations and individuals to adapt with evolutions and changes has become crucial in developing societies. Organizations are constantly challenged with their competitive environment in order to survive in new markets. They need constantly expand their individual, collective or organizational learning in order to adapt and compete with environmental changes. Organizational learning concepts and learning organization are two related concepts. The ability of management and capacity of organization could improve by institutionalize of these two concepts in a company. The purpose of this research is to study the different approaches of organizational learning as well as to examine the characteristics and factors for the development of a learning organization. The research methodology used in this study is descriptive and based on comparative-analytic approaches. In this research, the characteristics of organizational learning and learning organization are studied. Subsequently, the management approach is explained in both classical management and modern management. Then, the structure of these two managements is compared. In this regard, the status of the company has been evaluated in terms of learning organization and organizational learning. At the end, strategies, barriers, challenges and the framework of evaluation of each factor are presented and compared to become an effective learning organization.
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Orum Narin Company
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