Department of Technology Development Studies (DTDS) was established within Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) in 1992. The aim of DTDS is to conduct research projects on science, technology and innovation policies and to develop programs in order to promote S&T as well as the technological capabilities leading to economic progress and social development in Iran for the purpose of sustainable development.
DTDS mainly focuses to support national goals in order to make a sound transition from an oil-driven economy to a knowledge-based economy.
Researchers at DTDS participate actively in national planning conferences and workshops in order to prepare policy documents on technology development in Iran.
The activities of the DTDS were organized in line with DTDS programs which mainly focus on supporting technology development in the country at large. The research projects carried out at DTDS chiefly focus on effective formulation of policy guidelines and strategies for the public and private sectors, technology development foresight, S&T indicators and statistical analysis, technology advancement at regional and industrial level, national technological innovation system, S&T development strategies, decision-making and management of technology.
 The research projects implemented at DTDS will address issues of industrial and technological structure in Iran including the process of technology transfer from abroad, and learning the effect of imported technologies on local talent. It also investigates the problems associated with domestic R&D activities and the ways to relate these activities into new products and processes or to enhance the imported technologies. The studies at DTDS mainly focus on the following subjects:
  • Comparative study of science and technology policies in different countries in order to obtain the common characteristics as well as the differences to adopt the best practices of technology policy improvement in Iran;
  • Study of the main obstacles to as well as success and failure factors of technology development in Iran;
  • Study of the technological needs, capabilities and capacity for technology transfer at national level;
  • Comparative study of scientific and technological  institutes in different countries and their role in technology development and the procedure of science and technology policy making, planning and management;
  • Assessment of R&D activities and technological innovations at  national level;
  • Study of entrepreneurial development and activities as well as the evaluation of their capacities and provision of training for them and
  • Launch of different research projects on S&T diplomacy in Iran and at international level.

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