Governance and Innovation Management
Project manager(s): 
IROST Project Advisor(s): 
Numaria Tadbir
Financial supporter: 
Numaria Tadbir
Realizing Projects require an investment and allocation of resources in order to achieve specific goals and outcomes of the project. Feasibility Studies usually realize by the owner of the project or investor for long-term targets and policies of organization. This project is a research and Feasibility Study in order to identify, technical and economical Feasibility Studies about Numalliance's machines market in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates in order to plan for future projects of the company in its international cooperation. The objective of this Feasibility Study is diagnosis and assessment of needs and technical and economic analysis for the development and international relations. More specifically, companies' records and background, their products, and their needs for purchasing of required machines will be studied in selected countries. In this study, field research in Iran, and, library resources in the other countries will be used for collecting and analyzing information.
Employer Type: 
Industry / Organization and industry partnership
Employer Name: 
Numaria Tadbir
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