Governance and Innovation Management
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Nowadays, organization attempt to retrieve, collect, preserve and manage knowledge and experience of experts in order to reuse them later and to promote innovation. However, despite of increasing the needs of organizations to knowledge management, failure of knowledge management project is a principal concern of the managers. Why the knowledge management projects mainly fail in Iran? This is one of the important subjects that will be discussed in this research. What is the solution more adapted in order to prevent this failure? As regards, implementation of knowledge management consider as a change in an organization, so, should we do a Change Management in order to being aware the failure factors and could manage them before happening? This research tries to answer these questions with a qualitative-descriptive methodology by inductive reasoning way and action research. The failure factors in knowledge management are studied by inductive reasoning. A classification for Knowledge Management is proposed; and importance of change management in Knowledge Management process by taking account cultural aspects is discussed. The survey is used in field research. This research is applied in Iranian Organization for Science and Technology. The results are analyzed by using SPSS
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