Penicillium pinophilum

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CBS 170.60, ATCC 9644, NRRL A-5245, WDCM 00194
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24 °C
<- CBS <- ATCC <- WH Weston <- K.L. Jensen SN 41. Isolated from radio set, Papua New Guinea. Previous name: Penicillium funiculosum. Used for fungus resistance testing adhesives, fungus resistance testing aircraft transmissions, fungus resistance testing cork, fungus resistance testing cork, fungus resistance testing electrical insulation, fungus resistance testing packing materials, fungus resistance testing paper and paperboard, fungus resistance testing plastics, fungus resistance testing varnish, fungus resistance testing wax, testing fungicides on lumber. Production of dextranase and poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate depolymerase. Degrades plastics, poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate poly 3-hydroxybutyrate, polycaprolactone.

Fungus resistance testing adhesives (ASTM International Standard Test Methods for Resistance of Adhesive Preparations in Container to Attack by Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungi. West Conshohocken, PA:ASTM International; ASTM Standard Test Method D 4783-01e1; ASTM International Standard Test Methods for Ability of Adhesive Films to Support or Resist the Growth of Fungi. West Conshohocken, PA:ASTM International; ASTM Standard Test Method D 4300-01, Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures - Casein adhesives - Classification and performance requirements, Annex B. London, UK:British Standards Institution; British Standard BS EN 12436:2002). Degradation of plastics (Int Biodeterior Bull 1972, 8: 3-7; Dev Ind Microbiol 1973,14: 258-263). Degradation of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate poly3-hydroxybutyrate, polycaprolactone (J Ferment Bioeng 1995, 80: 265-269). Fungus resistance testing electrical insulation (U.S. Department of Defense Insulation, electrical, synthetic-resin composition, nonrigid. Washington, DC:US Department of Defense;Military Specification MIL-I-631D, 1961). Fungus resistance testing paper and paperboard (Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Fungal Control Agents as Preservatives for Aqueous-Based Products Used in the Paper Industry. West Conshohocken, PA:ASTM International; ASTM Standard Test Method E 0875-00 (Reapproved 2005). Fungus resistance testing plastics (Plastics--Assessment of the effectiveness of fungistatic compounds in plastics formulations. Geneva (Switzerland):International Organization for Standardization/ANSI;ISO ISO 16869:2001). Fungus resistance testing wax (U.S. Department of Defense Wax, impregnating, waterproofing, for laminated paper tubes for small arms ammunition. Washington, DC:US Department of Defense; Military Specification MIL-W-10885B, 1956). Production of dextranase (J Biochem 1971, 69: 1113-1121). Production ofpoly-beta-hydroxybutyrate depolymerase (Arch Biochem Biophys 1991, 290: 497-502, PubMed: 1929416)

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