Candida albicans

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ATCC 10231, DSM 1386, CBS 6431, CIP 48.72, IFO 1594, NCYC 1363, NIH 3147, WDCM 00054
Culture condition: 
25 °C
<- ATCC <- CW Emmons <- Wright. Isolated from patient with bronchomycosis. Antigenic properties: serotype A. Used fror assay of amphotericin B fungizone, antimicrobial preservatives, haloprogin, nystatin fungicidin. Quality control strain. Used for media testing, membrane filter testing, sterlity testing, fungicide testing and chemical disinfectants and antiseptics testing. Produces D-arabinolactone oxidase, DNA topoisomerase, aspartic proteinases aspartyl proteinases, estrogen-binding protein, lanosterol synthase 2,3-oxidosqualene lanosterol cyclase, phenethyl alcohol, polyamine oxidase, tryptophol.
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