The PTCC offers below services to the customers:

Supply of cultures 
All the strains of bacteria, filamentous and yeast fungi which have been listed in our database are readily deliverable by PTCC.

Public deposits 
PTCC is a WDCM publicly accessible recognized culture collection for the deposit of microorganisms which have been cited in scientific literature. It collects microorganisms (restricted to risk group level 1 and 2) of applied, biotechnological and taxonomic interest form academic and research institutes. Strains sent for deposit in open collection should have been used in a published work or in a manuscript prepared for publication. These deposited strains are available to academic and research institutions.

Safe deposits 
The PTCC offers a service for long term preservation and a restricted distribution on request. Safe deposited microorganism is neither catalogued nor distributed to third parties.

The PTCC offers identification of strains important for industry, environment, and health by a range of techniques including morphological, phenotypic characteristics and DNA patterns and sequences.

The PTCC carries out microbiological tests (e.g. microbial resistance, biocide testing, material resistance testing…) on request.

Training Courses 
The PTCC offers short training program on preservation and maintenance of microorganisms annually. Individual training courses are available on request in the fields of preservation, screening methods, identification and characterization of microorganisms.

Research Projects 
The PTCC performs research projects on isolation and screening of native strains with different application supported by grants.

Special services 
In addition to above services the PTCC freeze dries of strains supplied by the customer. Based on customer request PTCC offers DNA/RNA extract from microorganisms available in the PTCC catalogue.