Message from the President

IROST is one of the leading Iranian organizations striving for excellence in research in every dimensionOver four decades ago, visionary leaders came together to create an institution that would unite the best Iranian researchers, across disciplines, to respond to the changes, challenges, and opportunities of today’s world.

From the outset, IROST has pursued high ambitions to become a leading research institution in the domestic and international spheres.  Our dedicated scientific staff is highly active in numerous areas of research, including advanced materials and renewable energy, agriculture, biotechnology, chemical technology, electronics, information technology, mechanics, and technology development policies. We are glad to play a significant role in developing innovative and competitive solutions in response to the technology and innovation needs of society.

As a nation’s strength is derived in part from its ability to adjust to the rapid technological change in the world, we take pride in being a  strong driver of science and technology development in the country and strive to become the world’s leading research organization to benefit government, industry, and all of humanity.

 I have the very good fortune to lead an organization with such a proud history and a promising future. I will continue to establish an efficient management structure to maximize research and development results. All of us at IROST understand that our role is to create knowledge and new insights into the world for the betterment of the quality of life. And we believe profoundly that knowledge and science are key to solving the world’s great challenges. The energy, passion, and dedication of our faculty, experts, students, and support staff members for research and engagement, without question, help ensure that we stay true to our institutional mission. I'm confident we can aim higher and achieve even more in the coming years to fulfill our responsibility to society. I look forward to receiving guidance and support from the research community worldwide.


             Prof. Hassan ZAMANIAN

             Deputy Minister and President of IROST