Message from the President

 IROST is one of the leading Iranian organizations striving for excellence in research as well as for professionalism in every dimension. Over four decades ago, visionary leaders came together to create an institution that would unite the best Iranian researchers, across disciplines, to respond to the changes, challenges, and opportunities of today’s world.

 From the outset, IROST has pursued high ambitions to become established as one of the country’s leading research institutions. Our dedicated scientific staff share their valuable experiences and expertise on a wide range of matters and are glad to play a significant role in developing innovative and competitive solutions in response to the needs of the society due to the economic, social, and environmental challenges, technological change and global problems.

As a nation’s strength is derived in part from its ability to adjust to the rapid technological change in the world, we take pride in being a strong driver of science and technology development in the country and strive to become the world’s leading research organization, which serves the technology and innovation needs of the society.

I have the very good fortune to lead an organization with such a proud history and a promising future. All of us at IROST understand that our role is to create knowledge and new insights into the world and universe in which we live. And we believe profoundly that knowledge and science are key to help solve the world’s great challenges. With everyone's support, I'm confident we can aim even higher and achieve even more in the coming years.

                                                                                                            Alireza ASHORI