The KIA Exhibition

Another event which arouses the public’s interest is the Khwarizmi International Exhibition.


The KIA Exhibition takes place for the duration of the award ceremony. 

It is restricted to all the KIA Laureates of  the National and Foreign sections.

In parallel of the award ceremony, The Khwarizmi International Award provides an ideal platform for assembling the selected research works of the KIA Laureates who are in fact, the valuable work of the national and international leading innovators and scientists.



The KIA Exhibition is also in itself, mostly an opportunity to demonstrate the role that Science and Technology can play in the world and Iran’s  development, to motivate the policymakers, who visit the KIA exhibition, to invest in research and to encourage skills and capacity building in Science and Technology.




Traditionally, H.E. the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran inaugurates the KIA Exhibition. After his special tour and the official closure of the awarding ceremony, all the guests take around the whole exhibition. It is an opportunity for the scientific community to find out more about science and technology and engage with the outstanding recipients of the KIA.



The Khwarizmi International Award also organizes regular exhibitions to showcase shortlisted research works and KIA Laureates '  research works. These exhibitions create a space for meeting a wide audience of professionals, authorities, commercials, scientists, students and the general public. The mutual discussions usually bring the crucial issues of research and its link with Industry.