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The KIA   has proudly  recognized  outstanding  research  for ...


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1987  was  the  first  year  when   the  Khwarizmi  Award    was  presented.  Since  that year,   ...



The Khwarizmi International Award is  exceptional as  this scientific contest is also open to individuals, no special recommendation or nomination is requested.


Eligibility for the KIA is not excluded by previous prizes awarded to the applicant. To qualify for consideration as a candidate for the Khwarizmi International Award, the research work must be completed.


Applications are accepted in the following fields: Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Materials, Metallurgy & New Energies, Agriculture, Natural... Read more

Khwarizmi International Award (KIA)

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Here  is   the   full  list  of  the  Khwarizmi  Laureates, since  the  Khwarizmi  Awards   have been    presented.

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The Laureate of the 37th Khwarizmi International Award     

“I feel deeply honored to be a Laureate of the 37th Khwarizmi International Award,  organized by the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). Being a scientist from Türkiye, I am extremely grateful for the warm reception and hospitality extended by my Iranian colleagues and scientists. It is my sincere hope that this award program and ceremony will serve as a bridge that connects the two great Islamic cultures and nations.”

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