Chaetomium globosum

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CBS 148.51, ATCC 6205, DSM 1962, NRRL 1870
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24 °C
<- CBS <- ATCC. Isolated from stored cotton, USA. Degradation of cotton fabric; Fungus resistance testing, testing of aerosols; Produces cellulase, beta-1,4-glucan-4-glucanohydrolase; Fungus resistance testing of paper and paperboard, polymers, plastics, and textiles. Slimecide evaluation

Testing of aerosol (J Pharm Sci 1966, 55: 1471-1472) Fungus resistance testing (US Department of Defense Environmental test methods and engineering guidelines. Military Standard MIL-STD-810F, 2000); Paperand paperboard (ASTM International Standard Test Method for Mildew (Fungus) Resistance of Paper and Paperboard. PA:ASTM International;ASTM Standard Test Method D 2020-92 (Reapproved 2003)), Plastics (ISO 846:1997), Polymers ( ASTM Standard Test Method G 0021-96 (Reapproved 2002))

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