• Plant Breeding against abiotic stresses (molecular genetics and genetic engineering)
  • Non-chemical alternative methods of pest control
  • Tissue culture and development of commercial production protocols for medicinal, horticultural and ornamental plants
  • Physiological, phytochemical and genetic study of medicinal plants for increasing secondary metabolites and active ingredients
  • Carrying out studies related to proteomics, metabolism and genomics of medicinal plants
  • Optimization of production and domestication of valuable medicinal plants in favorable environmental conditions
  • In vitro fertilization, genetic engineering, stem cells, livestock breeding and improving livestock reproductive performance
  • The use of pharmaceutical and biological products to enhance livestock and poultry safety and health performance
  • Development of probiotic technologies and production of animal feed additives
  • Development of renewable energy, production of biofuels from agricultural waste
  • Adding value to agricultural and food waste
  • Hydroponics and aeroponics systems
  • Development and implementation of plasma technologies, electromagnetism in agriculture and food industry

Department of Animal, Poultry and Fisheries
• Genetic and breeding
• Research on nutrition to promote growth and production
• Animal stem cells 
• Using medicinal plants for prevention and control of diseases
• Studying the dietary and environmental use of probiotics
Department of Medicinal Plant
• Tissue culture of medicinal plant
• Medicinal plant adaptation and domestication 
• Seed science and technology (Breaking medicinal seed dormancy)
• Potential of salinity and drought tolerance of medicinal plants
• Genetic and photochemical variation of medicinal plants
• Antibacterial and antioxidant properties of medicinal plants
• Proteomics, metabolomics and genomics in different model system 
Department of Agricultural Engineering (Biosystem & Post Harvest)
• Bio-system Engineering
• Renewable Energies (Biofuels, Solar Energy, Wind, Geothermal)
• Post Harvest Technology
• Design and Fabrication of Agricultural Machinery
• Food Processing Machines
Department of (Plant Production & Sustainable Agriculture) 
• Plant tissue culture (Horticultural and Ornamental plants)
• Plant Biotechnology
• Plant genetics and genetic engineering
• Biological control
• Organic production
• Integrated pest management


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)