The call for proposals for Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant

The Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant offers doctoral students and postdocs the opportunity to do a fully-funded short-term research stay at one of the 18 Helmholtz Centers. The program is promoted by HIDA, the Helmholtz Information, and Data Science Academy.

Insight into the Helmholtz Association

The aim of the program is to enable new research collaborations, foster knowledge exchange, and explore new or emerging research topics in the field of information and data sciences. The program addresses researchers in both academia and in an industry whose research has a strong link to the (applied) information and data sciences. It offers researchers the opportunity to get to know the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. HIDA is tasked to support the mission of the Helmholtz Association – solving the major challenges facing society, science, and the economy by conducting top-level research in strategic programs within six research fields: Energy, Earth & Environment, Health, Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Matter, and Information.

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