IROST announces the topics of its research interests for doctoral positions

IROST PR:  IROST announced the topic areas of its research-driven doctoral program to begin in September 2022. The program provides the perfect opportunity for those interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the fields of chemical technology, advanced materials and new energy, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology in a rich research-oriented environment. The candidates should choose from a variety of topics reflecting the research interests of IROST's faculty. Some of the research areas relevant to Ph.D. positions in different departments of IROST are as follows:

Department: Chemical Technology

Research Field: Food Technology

Research Topic: Active packaging for food storage; Application of superheated solvent technology in nanoparticles of water-soluble compounds, etc.


Department: Chemical Technology

Research Field: Chemical Engineering

Research Topic: Development of pure hydrogen production methods; Catalysts based on rare earth oxides, etc.


Department: Biotechnology

Research Field: Microbial Biotechnology

Research Topic: Production of microbial lipase and its stabilization for enzymatic synthesis of bioactive esters, etc.


Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research Field:  Mechanical Engineering

Research Topic: Indigenization of a porous medium used in catalytic heaters, etc.


Department: Advanced Materials and Renewable Energy

Research Field: Materials Engineering

Research Topic: Investigating the physical (optical, electrical, and adhesive) properties and structure of metal oxide thin films, etc.