Prof. Hassan Zamanian appointed as the new president of IROST

IROST PR: H.E. Prof. Mohammad Ali ZOLFIGOL, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, has designated Prof.Hassan ZAMANIAN, Professor at the Faculty of Geology of the Lorestan University, as the IROST’s new president who assumed the role on April 16, 2022.



Prof. ZAMANIAN is a full professor of " Geology" at the University of Lorestan. Over the course of his career, he has held several administrative positions. Before succeeding Prof.Alireza Ashori to be IROST’s president, Prof.ZAMANIAN has served as the Chancellor of the University of Lorestan and the University of Malayer. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Technical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory affiliated with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.



In a letter addressed to Prof. Alireza ASHORI, H.E.Prof.M.A.ZOLFIGOL expressed appreciation for Prof.ASHORI’s endeavors throughout his time as the President of IROST.