35th Khwarizmi International and 23rd Khwarizmi Youth Awards Ceremony

   Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) held the awards ceremony of the 35th Khwarizmi International Award (KIA) and 23rd Khwarizmi Youth Award (KYA) on March 7, 2022, in Tehran. The ceremony was attended by the Iranian President, the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, the Minister of Health and Medical Education, the Vice President for Science and Technology, and other high-ranking officials of the country. 

   IROST organizes the KIA and KYA annually to acknowledge the efforts made by researchers, innovators, and inventors and to appreciate their outstanding research work and contributions to different fields of science and technology. At the KIA and KYA, projects in the basic, applied, developmental and innovative categories are considered for evaluation. While KIA is an international award whose laureates are selected from among the internationally distinguished Iranian and foreign scientists, KYA is a national award that aims to recognize the outstanding scientific achievements of  Iranian young researchers.

   At the 35th KIA, 255 applications from Iranian and foreign scientists, researchers and technologists were accepted and went through an evaluation process, of which nine national and four international applicants from Italy, France, and China were selected as the laureates of this edition of KIA by the Grand Jury. At the 23rd KYA, out of 244 applications, thirteen were reviewed by the KYA Scientific Jury, and finally, eight were introduced as winners. Considering the importance of KIA in the academic world, scientists from different countries participate in this award and submit their applications. At different editions of  KIA till now, 223 foreign scientists from more than 50 countries and 28 Iranian scientists residing abroad have been selected as the laureates of the KIA.