IROST ranks among the top five research institutes in the country based on the ISC Rankings 2019-2020

The Islamic World Science Citation Institute Center (ISC) has recently announced the results of the performance ranking of the Iranian research centers approved by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. IROST has retained a place in the top five of the ISC Research Institutes Rankings of 2019-2020. 

The research institutes were assessed according to the five metrics, including Research; Internationalization; Technology and Innovation; Economic Impact; and Social Services, Infrastructure, and Facilities. Based on these metrics, IROST ranked first in technology and innovation, second in economic impact, and third in social services, infrastructure, and facilities.

We are particularly pleased that this announcement within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, acknowledges the contributions the big family of IROST is making towards the development of research, technology, and innovation in the country.