Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)

Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) was founded in 1980 in Islamic Republic of Iran shortly after the ratification of the IROST's Statute by the Council of Islamic Revolution with the aim of providing support to Iranian researchers, inventors and industrialists across the country. And later in 1991, the Council for Higher Education Development approved amendments to the IROST's Statute.IROST as one of the leading Iranian organizations for science and technology (S&T) mainly aims to devote itself to achieving independence in scientific and technological pursuit of the country by supporting and exploiting the potential offered by the Iranian inventors, innovators, researchers and industrialists and to respond to the increasing demands for S&T development programs. This organization provides valuable services in fulfilling the country's scientific, technical and engineering requirements through supporting applied and developmental research as well as developing new technologies by exploiting qualified experts and modern equipment and facilities.


History of IROST

IROST was chosen as a research organization to dedicate itself to supporting policy planning and implementation in the area of technology development at national level subsequent to the missions and duties assigned to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology under the Law of the Third Five-year Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran and  the government bill to restructure the  Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the systematic approach of this bill to integrate the country's administrative system and technology policy making.IROST plays a leading role in implementing the strategic S &T policies determined by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and giving support to the Iranian Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology so as to provide the necessary infrastructure for S&T development and to give government support to other Iranian research organizations and institutes (R&Ds).


Current & Former Presidents
In the years since the IROST's inception, distinguished academics from among the country's academic community took over the presidency of IROST. The current president of IROST is Dr. Alireza Ashouri. The names of the former presidents and their term of office are listed as follows:

Abolfazl Ejaredar (1980-1981), Abdolsamad Taghizadeh (1981),Rahim Malekzadeh(1981-1982),Majid Abaspour(1982-1983),Mahmoud Tabayani(1983-1986),Seyed Ahmad Motamedi (1986-1989),Mohammad Soleymani(1989-1990),Seyed Ahmad Motamedi(1990-2000),Mohammad Jafar Meyli Monfared(2000-2002),Ata' ollah kouhian(2002-2004),Seyed Hamid Fathi(2004-2005),Gholam Hossein Rahimi Sherbaf(2005-2009),Abbas Taeb(2009-2011),Ahmad Akbari(2011 -2015) , Fathollah Moztarzadeh( 015-2018) and َAlireza Ashouri(2018-present).


Missions and Objectives

IROST's major objectives are to:

  • Provide support for the development of High Priority Technologies at national level, and offer consultations for evaluation, commercialization and marketing of these technologies at home and abroad
  • Provide the grounds for effective utilization of research results by Leading Research to Production
  • Encourage and expand research activities in the area of Modern Technologies
  • Carry out Strategic Studies and Research , and Analyze Vulnerabilities to the national technology development system
  • Evaluate patent applications, scientifically and professionally, and issue approval certificates for the  grant of patents in the country
  • Hold Research-Oriented Ph.D (Doctoral) Programs, and organize Short-Term Educational Workshops and Courses
  • Introduce and present technologies developed by the researchers through the organization of Technology Markets and Exhibitions
  • Execute Major Projects with the aim of technology development at national level
  • Organize and co-ordinate Intellectual Property (IP) protection efforts in the country
  • Encourage and facilitate Entrepreneurship within Iranian universities through the activities of IROST's Entrepreneurship Secretariat
  • Recognize the talents and contributions of researchers and innovators by holding Khwarizmi Youth and Khwarizmi International Awards as well as other scientific events
  • Manage the National Scientific Data Center

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