Sohrabi, M., Owe-Larsson, B., Nordin A. & W. Obermayer
Mycological Progress 9: 491-499.ISI

A new species, Aspicilia tibetica Sohrabi & Owe-Larss., is described from Tibet, where it grows on soil and plant debris at altitudes between 4,600 and 5,400 m, and where it seems to be rather commonly distributed. It is characterized by a crustose, white thallus, 8-spored asci with small, globose to ellipsoid ascospores, a brown epihymenium, and non-moniliform to submoniliform paraphyses. It lacks secondary substances. The new species is compared with other terricolous Aspicilia species. Morphological, chemical, and phytogeographical differences between the non-vagrant terricolous species are summarized.

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